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One of the issues that affects many small business offices is how much time gets wasted on answering phone calls. This problem isn’t always the lack of efficiency of the employees, especially if they are accustomed to sophisticated phone systems. It could be that your small business has not invested enough in a sensible phone system. It’s time to consider how VoIP can improve your small business communications without breaking the bank.

Think Automation
With VoIP, an Internet-based phone protocol, your small business can automate many of the processes performed by the receptionist and save money by connecting phone systems to the Internet. In this kind of phone system, you get to pay for as many phone numbers as you need and bundle in your telecommunications cost with your Internet cost, if you so choose.

Abandon the Phone Bill Concept
Also with VoIP, you no longer need to establish or maintain that double-edged relationship with your local phone company. You don’t have to worry about exceeding the minutes on the company long distance plan or pay for the installation of additional telephone lines and switchboard equipment. You don’t need to buy a fancy phone for each employee workstation because workers can access their phone calls on any laptop or desktop computer using a headset device.

Choose Your Level of Services
We love to help businesses saved money through VoIP. That’s why our packages are scalable to the number of employees who will be fielding calls in an organization. Here, we must mention the appeal of adding the level of services that you want. If you’re looking for basic features such as voicemail, routing customer calls to different departments and employee extensions via an automated directory, and caller ID, these are definitely options to expect from your provider. You can also get more advanced in terms of the handling of incoming calls. For example, you can manage calls by priority level, which basically involves connecting the entire system to software that routes a caller based on his input into the system at the beginning of a phone call.

Manage Employee Productivity
When you train all employees to answer inbound calls using a headset at their desk, it’s easy for handling customer concerns, especially while employees are absent or taking breaks. One employee can easily ask another employee to handle her calls for whatever length of time is required. With VoIP enabling calls to be handled at any workstation where an employee is logged on, there are shorter wait times and fewer missed calls. It’s ideal to take this kind of phone system to a different level to track employee productivity. With the right supporting software, every employee who handles phone calls can be monitored for his performance. A customer service manager can access call logs and analyze information such as the number of calls answered, the average length of each call, the average amount of time a customer waited before a call was answered, and so on. It’s also possible to track how employees return phone calls from voicemails left by customers.

Achieve Greater Efficiency
Since your small business will save money by eliminating the monthly phone bill and all the extra equipment from your local telephone company, you can afford to upgrade to better call management software. Give employees training on how to answer phone calls and then pass along the matters they cannot handle to other employees. It’s all about imagining that technology will automate handling of incoming calls and that personnel will answer calls from any computer workstation. With VoIP, they will never be limited by the central switchboard being overloaded or being down for repairs. Calls will get answered as long as the Internet connection in the building is online.

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