By Rob Nicholson

Having a reliable and fast Internet connection is something that not all communities have, especially rural areas like most of Sussex County. The county decided to invest in a 7 mile fiber ring built by Broad Valley Micro Fiber Networks. The ring connects the primary county buildings for their own private network and there are plans of lighting up businesses and organizations which will deliver high speed broadband.

Back in May the Town of Georgetown was one of five municipalities chosen for Cool and Connected program which provides planning assistance for broadband and Sustainable Community Development. The program will focus on leveraging Georgetown’s fiber ring and better understanding economic impact of this new fiber ring.

It is very exciting for the town of Georgetown, Sussex County and the state of Delaware to be a part of this federal program which will help guide our community to leverage the fiber ring to promote economic vibrancy.  Additionally, we are honored to serve on the steering committee to assist the Town of Georgetown advance in the digital economy.

About the Author:

Rob has spent the last 15 years working with various technologies and in leadership roles within the military and private industry.  He is very passionate about technologies used in analyzing data and transforming findings into actionable intelligence. Currently he is the Director of Business Development for DelmarvaVoIP based in Southern Delaware, serve as a Navy Reserve Meteorology & Oceanography (METOC) Officer and holds several leadership roles in the community.


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