If you received an email in your inbox yesterday (May 3rd) from an email address “hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh@mailinator.com“, please disregard and delete the message. You have just been targeted from a widespread phishing scam. Luckily, as of now, Google has already shut down the phishing campaign within an hour after its launch and detection.

The next morning, a Twitter account under the name Eugene Pupov was created and claimed to be the culprit of the scam, stating that is was “an academic experiment gone wrong.” Whether this is truthful or a meta-scam is still up in the air, due to some speculation surrounding this claim.

Google Docs email phishing scam—May 3rd, 2017

Therefore, if you received such an email, be sure NOT to click the “Open in Docs” button and follow any further instructions to avoid being phished. To take security precautions further, users can go HERE to see if “Google Docs” is listed as an app that is granted access to their Google account, and if so, remove it; this is the fake application that is in conjunction with the phishing scam.

Let this be a reminder that your email account, secure or not, may always be vulnerable to these intrusions, and to be aware of any suspicious and/or malicious activity in a seemingly safe and secure online environment.


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