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top10voipVoIP technology is reforming the traditional telephony systems through scalable and cost-effective hosted communication platforms. “We identified that many industries need more than just regular VoIP tools,” says Jack Berberian, CEO, DelmarvaVoIP® and SecureNetMD®, LLC. Headquartered in Lewes, Delaware, DelmarvaVoIP® (A division of Troy Ventures, LLC), specializes in Voice over IP (VoIP) Phone solutions that help Healthcare Providers leverage constantly evolving IT technology products and services. DelmarvaVoIP® delivers business owners custom call flow designs, planning, training, custom tailored auto attendant menu structures, and advanced reporting that is designed for each customers’ needs. “Our cloud-based VoIP phone solution provides a built-in business continuity plan, making the users’ communication system adaptable, virtual, and comes with built in disaster recovery tools,” states Drew Laroche, CIO, DelmarvaVoIP®.

DelmarvaVoIP®’s exclusive unified telephony architecture and software solution helps clients maintain relevancy with avant-garde VoIP phone systems by providing up-to-date features and services, as well as save investment costs of premise based infrastructure deployments. Additionally, the company’s Hosted PBX and VoIP solution seamlessly and securely routes multi-location calls in record time without the need of any human intervention. DelmarvaVoIP®’s hosted VoIP model reduces customer hold times, increases staff availability and improves customer satisfaction. “We have helped many businesses bring down their abandonment rates from 60-70 percent to less than 7 percent which has resulted in an increase of revenue. We are not just another VoIP provider selling phones and extensions with self-help tools that you have to learn to use—We partner with our customers to customize, program, provision, train and record everything they need” says Jack Berberian, CEO, DelmarvaVoIP®.

DelmarvaVoIP® also offers SIP Trunking solutions to transform traditional phone systems to real-time communication systems based on VoIP. “We cater to any-sized business— small scale companies thriving for the flexibility and cost savings of VoIP or enterprise level businesses looking for business continuity, disaster recovery, and unlimited or metered calling plans,” explains Laroche. In addition to the VoIP platform, DelmarvaVoIP® offers state-of-the-art paging systems through smartphone technology for after hour emergency calls that is both secure and can be traced. The combination of the “hands-on” VoIP solution, call designs, training, paging, and faxing services helps enterprises stay on the cutting edge of unified healthcare communications.

The company’s advanced monitoring systems assist firms to keep an eye on call quality and network latency to adapt to evolving technology trends for network’s safety and security. The analytical data offered through the system allows organizations the ability to predict the time periods required for customer to reach support staff, thereby allowing greater efficiencies and cost savings through the organization.

DelmarvaVoIP® focuses on quality of service, connectivity, stabilization, and security aspects of the client’s communication infrastructure. The hosted solution provider caters to the challenges of call re-distribution during loss of connectivity that land based carriers experience on a daily basis. The company was able to achieve this goal by developing and providing an on-demand failover WAN system at an economical price-point which enables constant up time without any physical intervention.

DelmarvaVoIP® aims to expand their physical location throughout the U.S. with their custom-designed VoIP solutions for businesses and medical facilities. Being a unified communications industry player, DelmarvaVoIP® will continue to develop and provide the best services in the most economically affordable way and create solid partnerships that will endure the test of time. “Our expertise and adaptability is evident in the diverse platform that we manage as well as our ability to integrate custom solutions,” concludes Laroche.


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